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Kem Mill-Cuerden Valley 9-6-24  

10 of our regular members assembled on Factory Lane at Whittle le Woods.  The factory has long since gone and is now replaced with high calibre  housing. Today was young Jack’s chosen day to carry out his sponsored  walk supporting Christian Aid and despite mentioning his toes curling up in  his small boots, we had no doubt of his abilities. The last time we attempted  this walk the weather beat us and we were rained off part way through.  

We set off at 1.50 p.m, passing through the car park to join a path between  two fields and subsequently at the top of a rise, branch left through a tree  lined route, emerging at the front of Lisieux Hall, formerly Crook Hall, before  being acquired by the Brothers of Charity and now partially used as a Care  Home. Continuing along the road to a path on the right brought us to the  entrance to a former sand quarry, now being used as a refuse tip with an  ever increasing mountain of rubbish. Taking a path around the external  perimeter brought us to a property, Clayton Hall dated 1152, now a livery  stable, and with further progress, we arrived at the estate of Clayton Spring  Meadows following the road to Old Lancaster Lane.

Crossing into Shady Lane, we continued to the entrance to the Cuerden  Valley Estate and followed Berkeley Drive past the Visitor’s Centre and the  new Valley View Cafe to follow the path down to the bridge over the River  Lostock and occupy a couple of the pick-nick benches to partake of our  refreshments in the sunshine.

Following the usual photograph, we continued along the valley route to  ultimately emerge on to Town Brow where we tuned right for a short  distance and took a path to the left along a tar-macked, tree lined route,  which led us to the site of Lower Kem Mill. The remains of this  establishment, destroyed by fire in 1914, stand as a memorial to a sector of  the cotton industry at one time common place in Lancashire towns.

As the skies darkened, we hastened along the track arriving back at our  starting point approximately 2 ½ hours after commencing. We had covered a  distance of 5 ½ miles and as we departed, the rain started. That’s what I call  precision planning and just demonstrates the lengths our leader goes, to  ensure our enjoyment.

Report by Ray. Lamb

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Picture includes two children we picked up while their mother kindly took the photograph fo us

Also Jack, who was using the walk for his Christian Aid Walk - WELL DONE JACK