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Bretherton Rivers Walk-14th November 2021.

This was to be another new walk to our list, not to be confused with previous ones carried out in the same area. We met at the end of Marl Cop, just prior to its junction with South Rd. 11 of our regular number and 4 new guests, set off at 13.50, turning left along South Rd and passing the Blue Anchor pub on the right, to take the next turning left and pass down a drive, it was nice to see the poppies, memorial photographs and tributes to the ‘Fallen’ posted outside a few houses. On the corner, we veered left into a cricket field and skirted its perimeter with the hedge to our right and exited by a bridge style in the corner.

Turning right and continuing over 2 styles and 3 fields we entered another field and followed its perimeter, keeping the hedge to our left. Following this line south, ultimately brought us to a banking skirting the Wymott Brook. Keeping this embankment to our left, we continued through, initially an area of open ground which then led us into a much more grassy and wet area. Picking our way through this we headed for the corner, where we scrambled up the slope to find a bridge crossing the brook leading into another rough field. Following the path adjacent to the brook, brought us to another style.

To the right was an elevated section which made for better viewing, allowing us to see horses grazing in the open area to the right. It was probably paying attention to these, that our leader managed to get his feet tangled in some obstacle, and ended up on the ground. Fortunately, Dr John was kitted out with first aid supplies, and able to attend to his wounds.

Resuming our walk, we continued with the brook on our left until it was joined from the right by the River Lostock. Our route followed this course soon arriving at a style and over Bretherton Rd, to resume the trek for about ¾ mile, at which point the River Yarrow joins from the right and we could see, in the distant, Darwen Tower covered with white sheeting as protection whilst it is being refurbished. A similar distance further added another River to the water course, swelling the flow and now becoming the Douglas. Just beyond this point another style allowed us to leave the banking at a structure known as Red Bridge. This is actually green but nevertheless provided a suitable basis for our coffee stop. We nearly needed Dr J again as Leigh decided to sit on a nearby fence, which collapsed under her, thankfully only her dignity was wounded. Someone outrageously suggested that love of Wispa Bars contributed to this near catastrophe.

Continuing along Eyes Lane to the right, at the third angle to the left, a gas installation was situated on the right, beyond which we branched along a track into a muddy field. Taking a route to the left and following the boundary, we found a somewhat hidden bridge which gave us access into the next field. Again, we retained the hedge to our right and followed the perimeter. When the hedge ran out we branched to the right to pick up a lane and follow it to its crossing with Back Lane. Here our leader led us to the right for a few hundred yards, passing a farm where a voice behind the hedge let us know that “Tea’s”, were not available today, so come back tomorrow. This clearly posed a question in our leader’s mind, to the extent he decided we had taken a wrong turn, so we retraced our steps to the crossroad and branched right.

This extension of our former route, led us to a T junction where we turned right along a tree lined track at the rear of some extended gardens. Crossing a style, brought us into an open field. A gate in the opposite corner allowed us to exit down a drive on to South Rd, where we turned right and returned to our starting point.

This had been a flat but interesting and scenic walk, with clear views of the surrounding areas.

Despite the nominal extension to the route, the 5.5mile distance posed few problems and was agreed by all, as most enjoyable. Christine, Gordon, Lynne and Paul, the newcomers, will hopefully join us again in the future.

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