Message of the month

There is a story that goes that there was a man who embraced Christianity. After accepting Jesus as his Lord and Saviour, his brother and friends were very upset about his new religion.  He took the criticisms in his stride but politely and gently offered to say a few words in response. His listeners were keen to hear what he had to say. They probably thought he was ready to renounce his new found faith. When he opened his mouth he told them ‘ I was on a journey of life, I got to a crossroad in life as I approached a junction. There were two people standing at each end of the junction. One was dead and one was alive’ He asked the listeners’ If you were confronted with making a choice in such a situation, from whom would you ask the way?’ Everybody kept quiet and that was the end of the accusation from his people. Obviously, the man chose to ask the one who is alive and that was why he opted for Jesus

Jesus offers life as opposed to death

Religion can point you to God, but Jesus offers you the way, the truth and the life of God (John 14:6)