2017 - 2018 A Year In Focus

2018 - A year in the life of Midge Hall Methodist Church

New Members

This year we have made 6 new members who participated in a membership class in the beginning of the year.  In this class we explored what  we actually believed (and had some lively discussions!), what it means to be Methodist and what kind of commitment is becoming a member.  We acknowledged that in this day and age membership of church is changing but all participants (the group was shared with another local Methodist Church) agreed that the becoming a member meant that they felt like they were committing to the church and to their faith journey.

This group was a mixed bag of people who came from different walks of life and faith.  Some were coming from another denomination, some transferring in and some coming to make their commitment to Christ in confirmation and membership.  The best part of making them members is hearing their stories and on the day that they became members they told some of those stories to the congregation.  Each was different and highlighted what we had been focusing on in our church this year; Christian Faith isn’t something for Sundays but for every day as we live our lives in the world, looking to God to sustain us and guide us as we speak, act and love in a world that needs God’s love.  

Thoughts from a couple of our new Members

 From the outset,  Midge Hall has been the right place for us to be! We've felt extremely welcomed and have been surprised at just how positive the outlook is. We've been able to establish good friendships quickly and absolutely amazing support through the difficult times during Ian's illness. We like the variety and fresh approaches to preaching and the enthusiasm for music in worship.

Tim Lucas

"I used to worship in Southport, holding a number of positions in the church but felt ready for a change.  I went to various churches which didn't really appeal to me and then came to Midge Hall.  I liked it so much, I stayed!  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, I stayed and became a member.  Great decision!!

'Norm' Drury

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