Church Groups

Pastoral Visitors - 2018

The Pastoral Visitors team now stands at 8.

Sadly there has been 2 deaths, Gladys and 'Bill' (Olive), who were much loved and well attended Church members.  Mattie has resigned as a Pastoral Visitor because of her health and we thank her for all the years she has devoted and the care she has given in this role. At the moment. we are needing someone to take on Mattie’s list. We are very fortunate that our Church family continues to grow and we are grateful to all our Pastoral Visitors for their time, support and commitment given to this important aspect of our Church life.

Prayer Group

The Midge Hall Prayer Group meets fortnightly to pray and support in prayer those who are in need in our church, our community and our world.  This faithful group is the backbone of our church and their prayer has lifted many people as they are living out their lives. 

Sunday School

We continue to have a small group of regular attendees but also welcome additional visiting children week by week. The children have enjoyed a range of crafts, baking, drama , stories and games which bring bible stories and messages alive. The children regularly take up the morning offering which helps them feel part of the service.

Once again the children enjoyed performing their Nativity play on Christmas Eve.

We currently have seven leaders making a strong team.


We continue our sponsorship of Oca who lives in Indonesia. We have written to her several times and her replies are displayed on our display board in the church hall. We have managed to raise the £300 per year which is needed for the sponsorship. We worked with children in Messy Church and made bags with all our faces on, to sell.

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