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Mission Statement

We, Midge Hall Methodist Church, believe our calling before God, is to encourage, equip and resource God’s people as disciples of Christ, willing to share God’s love wherever they are.  By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we seek to discern God’s particular mission for this church utilising the combined strengths of all, both ordained and lay.

Aims, Purpose and Organisation

The aim of Midge Hall Methodist Church is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ within our community.

The purposes of the Methodist Church and specifically Midge Hall Methodist Church, are and shall be deemed to have been, since the Date of Union, the advancement of:

a. The Christian faith in accordance with the doctrinal standards and discipline of The Methodist Church;

b. Any charitable purpose for the time being of any Connexional, District, Circuit, local or other organisation of The Methodist Church;

c. Any charitable purpose for the time being of any society or institution subsidiary or ancillary to The Methodist Church;

d. Any purpose for the time being of any charity being a charity subsidiary or ancillary to the Methodist Church.

e. The organisation and resourcing of regular public acts of worship is open to members of the church and non-members alike.

f. The teaching of Christianity through sermons, courses and small groups.

g. The resourcing of pastoral work including visiting the sick and bereaved.

h. Taking religious assemblies in local schools.

i. Promotion of Christianity through the staging of events and services.

j. Provision of pastoral care to the local care homes.

Midge Hall Methodist Church is part of the Chorley & Leyland Circuit of Methodist Churches within the Lancashire District, which is accountable to the Methodist Conference.

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