Midge Hall Methodist Church is an active and growing church with a big heart and open arms. We meet at Sunday worship, in small growth groups, at Messy Church and on many social occasions to explore our faith and worship God


Midge Hall is on the edge of a large town and bridges the gap between the rural countryside and the busy town. Much of our heritage comes from dedicated farmers and rural folk who were committed to providing the love of God in our local area.

In the past 12 months we have focused on growing our outreach to the community and growing our own discipleship. We have looked at how our worship impacts our whole lives, focusing on living out that discipleship where we are each day, at work, volunteering or at school. This has led to participation by some of our lay people in the Growing Leaders course which highlights our commitment to equipping our lay people to claim their own ministries. We have begun an Organ Fund Raising to support our growing music ministry which is in need of a good instrument to support the outreach at our Organ Concerts and our worship and outreach in music.

In the last 12 months we have baptised 6 babies and young people, shared in 1 wedding and walked with people as they have said goodbye to their loved ones in many funerals. We have also made 6 new members! Our Baptisms have become Family Services where we celebrate our love of God and the fact that church does not have to be boring! We just had one of our Baptism families say to us as they prepared for their second child’s baptism “This is what church should be like!” We invite the family to stay for a special cake and celebrate with them as we get to know them.

Midge Hall Methodist Church is constantly looking at how we are following God’s calling and are willing to try new things as the Spirit moves. We have a new housing development going up behind our church and are currently looking at ways we can be involved in the setting up of the community in that place. "Small Church - Big Welcome"

is our logo and shares our desire to serve God and the community in this place called Midge Hall. We have found that this gets lived out in many ways and we are open to the Spirit as we continue to seek God’s guidance in this place.

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